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Financial services for Cultural Change Agents and Innovators.

Areas of Expertise



The starting point for any organization is to incorporate with the state. We walk through the process step-by-step to secure your name and EIN number. We help you take care of business by making you a business.

Incorporation begins at $600

tax return preparation

It’s a very common misunderstanding that nonprofits do not need to file a tax return. Though you will not owe taxes, you still are required to report your business dealings to the IRS annually. This process ensures that the organizations are operating legally and within the boundaries of their nonprofit status. We work with CPA affiliates who are experts in nonprofit filings and who understand the requirements. We will protect your nonprofit status and help you avoid unnecessary legal complications.

Preparation rate is $300/hr.

application for nonprofit status

Once you have incorporated, it is time to begin the application for nonprofit status. The fees involved with forming your nonprofit are directly linked to the size, purpose, and projected growth of the organization. We offer free consultations to determine your organizational needs and customize a plan that is right for you.

Application for nonprofit status begins at $550


With over 40 years of collective nonprofit experience, we are expertly equipped to help your organization grow. We are here to listen and encourage, as well as provide an outside perspective to promote the overall health and success of your organization. Just when you think no one understands, our team can step in to help you strategize for victory and reenergize your vision. Let us help you find a way forward.

Consulting rate is $85/hr.


We help track your expenses, income, assets and liabilities through weekly coding, monthly reconciliations, and reporting that can give you a better perspective of the financial health of your organization and aid in the decision-making and planning process. We monitor the money, so you can focus on direction.

Monthly bank reconciliations begin at $100
Monthly full bookkeeping service begins at $200
Monthly unaudited financial statement preparation beings at $200

Management Reviews

Our management review looks at every aspect of your organization and answers the questions, “Where are we now?” and “How can we be better?” Our team is ready to look at your financials, organizational chart, processes and procedures. We review board minutes, and examine local, state, and federal compliance, liabilities. Finally, we look for any vulnerabilities in your organization to help protect you from fraud. We are here to ask the hard questions and point you toward the simple solution.

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No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions; he had money as well.
— Margaret Thatcher